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April is Financial Literacy Month
The 4 Financial Lies, We’ve Been Taught Since
Birth, That Suck You Dry And Rob You Blind.
(How traditional myths about finances are ruining Americans lives.)

What is Your True Financial Age?
Is Your Financial Mess Causing You Stress In Your Work, Relationships And Even Your Sex Life? Take the True Financial Age Quiz and fix it forever.

Health Care Havoc

Will The New Health Care Bill Bankrupt The Country?…3 Ways To Protect Your Family From The Fallout.

Pay Yourself Interest! Americans Pay Up To 35% Of Their After Tax Income Straight To Interest…How To Stop It And Pay Yourself Instead!
(Audience will learn how to save thousands of dollars in interest costs every year.)

Conventional Financial Folly
3 Reasons Your 401k Is Financing Everyone
Else’s Retirement — But Your Own!

Taxes & Chains
Why You Might Pay Up To 80% Of Your 401k
Retirement In Taxes!
(A secure alternative to the deadly advice of ‘maxing out your 401k’)

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