Welcome to Brett Kitchen’s Press Kit

Brett Kitchen, an entrepreneur for the past 25 years is the Safe Money Advocate and founder of “True Financial Age”. I’ve been a business owner, entrepreneur, father and husband…and my first business was reselling gum and candy to the neighbors when I was about 6 years old. My Dad, grandfather, and great grandfather, great, great grandfather have all been small business owners.

Many Americans have been crushed by following the ‘conventional financial wisdom’ …unfortunately, it just hasn’t worked for many!

Brett Kitchen along with his partner Ethan Kap have done hours of on screen time from his own Internet TV Show, Mavericks Live.com. They have also spent over 200 hours behind the mic doing podcasts and audio trainings.

Their newest innovation the “True Financial Age Quiz” is always a hot topic as people are struggling financially and looking for NEW solutions that aren’t the ’same old same old’ tired advice that people have been preaching for years.

Book them for an appearance and your guests are certain to learn new exciting concepts, be entertained by tying into the most recent news, and have a fun interactive show.

Media Experience:

• Radio Interviews: Paypal Radio, Money Smart Radio
• Numerous articles and publications
• TV: Leading Experts Segment
• Internet TV Show: Mavericks Live
• SPECIAL MEDIA ONLY Page www.truefinancialage.info
• Radio and Video Clips
• Up to the minute show ideas for breaking news

Availability: 24/7, as last minute guest,
Within 15 minutes of NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX affiliates in
Salt Lake City, Utah.

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